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.Hello fellows,

Ive just recently went through my CCNA and passed. However, Im planning to squeeze a bit of time to start with CCNP. Ive got some official certification PDFs, but I rather study from a book. So my 1st step was to order my Certification Library (you know, for Route, Switch and Tshoot).

But now, I have a couple of questions on how to approach CCNP:

1) I really dont have access to physical equipment, so my shot will be to work with a sim. GNS3 is giving me problems in my PC, so do you happen to know of a different sim I could use?
2) What do you think of NetSim 9? During CCNA, lots of people used to tell me that Boson`s was great, however its like $350!
3) MY biggest problem, is that Im outside the US, in Guatemala just below Mexico, so Im a bit tied up for shipping Cert kits and stuff...any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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    Given this is a tech forum, I'd highly suggest making a post in the appropriate forum for help getting GNS3 working, otherwise I'd maybe look at rack rental time rather than investing money in a Sim.

    You could probably get just bare bones hardware, think 2 3550's for switch labbing for that exam.

    Good luck!
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    Hello Mortzg,
    1) I also had problems with GNS3 when I was a beginner in networking. I would suggest you download a VM that has GNS3 already installed and running like GNS3 Workbench by Rednectar. You can find his website here GNS3 Workbench | RedNectar's Blog
    2) Boson is good but GNS3 is better and real gear is even better. The order would be: Real Equipment > GNS3 > Boson
    3) There is not a lot you can do here. Try and find someone in the area that has studied for NP/IE and is selling his equipment.

    Good luck in your studies
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