Advice on becoming a web developer?

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Hi, basically long story short. I have been interested in web and app development for many years (well tbh more web than app in terms of time I have been interested) but did nothing about it, I have knowledge of HTML and a little bit of CSS, Im currently working towards an MTA in web development.. I also have plans to get the MTA in software dev and the MTA HTML5 which I plan to self-study.. I would then possibly get an MCSD, which I wouldnt self-study as I feel like it would be better to attend a class or something. Im just wondering will I really get far without a university degree? my aim is junior developer, I've looked at a few job descriptions which dont actually ask for a university degree, but I would like to hear from you guys.. or if you have any other suggestions of how to get into the field please let me know.


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    Get a PluralSight subscription. They start at $29 a month and you get full access to all of their courses. Since you probably don't have an MSDN subscription, download WebMatrix.

    The most important advice that I can give you is to learn to type if yo don't know how. If you plan on applying for developer jobs, you are going to get interviews where you may be asked to demonstrate this or that. Sometimes these things might be done on a whiteboard but sometimes you will be asked to really code something. Hunting and pecking will be disastrous to your interview. If you follow no other advice that I give, follow this: LEARN TO TYPE!

    Start learning about HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
    * Start with the foundations.
    * Leverage your PluralSight subscription.
    * Add some jQuery and then learn more advanced techniques to put jQuery in Action.
    * Then get certified to start working on the MCPD Web Apps.

    Learn the basics of ASP.NET MVC and C# (C# from Scratch on PluralSight). I am basically suggesting that you complete the MCSD Web Apps but without having the chance to actually use ASP.NET MVC professionally, the 70-486 is going to be a difficult test to pass. Make sure you look at open source projects on Git Hub and CodePlex so you can get exposure to real code. Also, visit StackOverflow, Programmers SE, and CodeReview SE on a regular basis to see what you can learn. Ask questions via the comments field when you don't understand answers that other users give. Post your own questions when you have them.
    * Start with the foundations again and don't forget PluralSight.
    * You'll also have to Learn about SQL and the Entity Framework just to be able to understand how to use MVC. This step is going to be hard and take a long time. But if you want to do this professionally you can't skimp here.

    After that it's time to start polishing your professional skills. Join a user group in your area and start making contacts and learning from professionals. Learn about source control systems like SVN and Git. Start learning about design patterns in the languages you have been exposed to (C# and JavaScript). Add another language like Ruby or NodeJS. Get ready for interviews and write a resume. Fianally, learn about Agile. Then start applying for jobs.

    From there I would say start to look at completing the MCSD Web Applications. Certifications are not as big of a deal in the developer world as they are for IT pros. But they can be a very good way to guide your own learning. In the web world you need to be really dynamic and able to learn new things quickly. Don't think you can get by with just MS technologies. Make sure you are also taking the time to keep up on the open web.
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