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How much QoS do you think you need in CCIE R&S? Do you need to be an expert in it or know it fairly well like MPLS and Security Features. An engineer at work told me there was a ton of QoS in his v4 lab. I am reading Cisco QoS OCG 2nd edition and was wondering if I should read it cover to cover or just selected chapters?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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    You need to be an expert. I've spent 6 weeks on it, now i'm on security. I'll go back to it for a week or two and i'll be done with Qos.
    The reason i moved off QOS was due to the v5 semi announcement, v5 lab will support hfq and possibly no FR Qos. I prefer to learn newer behavior than waste time learning old stuff just for the exam. There are enough little oddities in QOS so i'll leave it o the back burner till official v5 announcement.
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    I'll put it this way...

    Difficulty wise - You need to be pretty good at it, but not necessarily uber-badass.... you will likely face it in troubleshooting and definitely configuration.

    That being said, depending on your speed you will get to QoS three to fours hours into your configuration. You will be probably be beat up from previous sections and running out of steam . So you actually need to be Superman with Thor's Hammer going into the test because the stress and fatigue will knock you down to Green Lantern levels.
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