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Hello All,

So I am taking a break between certs and going for my ITIL, however, I know CASP gets a lot of heat as a waste of time, however, for entry to intermediate security or IA people, would a CASP be worthwhile? I know the Government (DD8570) has placed CASP along with CISSP.

I understand it doesnt commend much 'respect' in the IT world among techs, but from a salary perspective, would it be a boost? What material should be used? How much study time is put into something like this? I just obtained my Sec+, I thought about SSCP, but again, it's placed with Sec+ (When in fact its much more in depth).
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    Your right many people frown on CASP but I thought it was pretty good exam. The knowledge you will learn is pretty helpful in your career and DoD doesn't put them on equals, CASP is a step below for IAM and IASAE positions. Unless you're in the DoD realm the ROI probably is not going to be there. To get an honest answer on that though you should ask your employer. I can't recommend study material because I only read the Sybex book and thought it was poorly written, I really don't know if it even helped me at all.
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    Whoops, lol.

    I don't have the experience for a CISSP or even the SSCP. I am trying to get employed by the DoD, currently I am oversea's and obtaining as many certs as possible. I have gotten A+, Server+ and Sec+ in about 2 or 3 months time, I'm working on my ITIL now and want to continue afterwards.

    Would you say CASP is something worthwhile to get for employment by DoD/Contractor Companies?
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    If DoD is your goal then absolutely the CASP is worthwhile.
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    I appreciate the feedback.

    I won't lie to myself and go for CISSP after reading a book, I feel I would set myself (and others) up for failure by doing this. I wouldnt even have the endorsements for it either.

    I know contracting companies that do business with the DoD pay very well if you have the certs, obviously you will relocate for a period of time, but I'm pretty young think it's a worthwhile experience.
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    Take a look at requisitions for the type of DoD jobs you are interested in and qualified for. What certs are those hiring managers asking for?
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    JDMurray - Most DoD (Government and Contractors) just list all the 8570 certs that qualify for the job. Occasionally, they also put some on there that doesn't (ex. CISM for a technical job).
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