Exactly 24 hours until 101 exam

BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260
I feel prepared but nervous at the same time. Hopefully all goes well and I can book 102 for a couple of weeks and not have to book a resit for the 101.


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    Good luck! I hopefully will tackle this in between my CCNP studies over the next year.

    Where are you doing the test? DDLS?
  • BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260

    Nar. mis global technologies is the closest test centre to me.
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    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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  • BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260

    Was a couple of questions that I had to take a guess at but apart from that I felt pretty comfortable due to massively over preparing!

    Onto the 102 now in a couple of weeks which I have been studying hard for and have completed an instructor led short course on so hopefully can pass that one as well!
  • brownwrapbrownwrap Member Posts: 549
    Good for you, and good luck on the next one.
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    cd /pub
    more beer

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  • southsouth Member Posts: 43 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Any advice for the exam? How did you prepare for it?
  • BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260
    I only started using Linux 6 months ago and quickly decided I wanted to eventually become a Linux Sys Admin. First thing I did was wipe Windows and install Linux as my main OS. I forced myself to use CLI for basic tasks like moving/copying/deleting as well as doing updates and basic things like that. I think this helped me learn the basics although it was annoying taking so long to do such simple things because I would constantly have to Google commands for various things etc...

    I read Command Line: A Complete Introduction by Shotts and followed along in a virtual machine all of the commands which was a great help as his writing style I found to be great. And the first exam weighed heavily on the CLI

    I then moved on to Linux Bible by Negus and read that cover to cover and did the exercises at the end of each chapter in virtual machines.

    I did a 6 lesson short course at a local university which was instructor lead.

    I have access to Linux+ testout material.

    2 weeks prior to the exam I printed off the exam objectives and all of the testout notes and mapped the notes to the exam objectives and studied them daily.

    If I got any downtime at work I would read bits and pieces of these free materials based on my weaker areas:

    IBM developerWorks : Linux Professional Institute (LPI) exam prep : Overview
    GNU/Linux Administration Manuals
    llthw - *nix spellbook
    The Linux Documentation Project: Guides
    Linux Training » Downloads
    The LPIC-2 Exam Prep
    On-line Linux and Open Source Technology Books and How To Guides
  • brownwrapbrownwrap Member Posts: 549
    It sounds like you were very well prepared, and I congratulate you. I have seen too many posts where, "I studied for two weeks and was acing the practice exams, I thought I knew it". I would like some Linux certs, but I want to walk in feeling I am ready. My boss think I could pass it now, but there is a lot I don't use on a regular day to day basis. Command line is about the only thing we use, because we are logging into one of over 100 machines to fix problems, and that is just the easiest wat to go, since on many of them XFowarding can be disabled and a Gui is not going to get the job done. Thanks for posting all of your study materials and good luck on the next one.
  • BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260

    Just have a look at the exam objectives and you will be able to tell if you have gaps. Working with Linux on a daily basis would be a huge help in passing the exams.

    If I already had a job working with Linux I would probably skip linux+ and Go straight to the RHCSA which seems more fun due to the hands on practical nature.
  • BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260
    I am officially certified. Booya! ... Passed the LX-102 today.

    Thanks to everyone in this section. Got lots of good tips and information and resources.

    Feels great after all that study. Did find the second exam to be much tougher.

    Plan to focus on landing a Linux job now and quit my current ERP analyst role.

    Next up study wise:

    1. Plan to repeatedly setup services like apache,e-mail,sql,users,groups until I can do it all in my sleep without having to fumble through notes.
    2. Plan to learn bash scripting and Python. Should be fun as there won't be any exams to have to worry about for awhile!
    3. Plan to start self studying RHCSA and will wait until RHEL 7 hits before doing some instructor lead training and certifying.

    Any recommendations on whether to go bash scripting or python first? Any benefits to learning one before the other?
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congratulations on passing!!!
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