Where to start?

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Hello everyone,

I am just curious as to where I should start with VMware, are these good certifications to hold? what kind of jobs can i get after taking the entry-level exams?

i don't really have that much experience with VMware only using the workstation client for home use.

Currently I am working on a help desk, have been for a bout 2 years now, My main goal is to work on servers

thank you.


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    Can you be a little more descriptive with your goal? Do you want to be a server technician, systems engineer, sysadmin? Does your company use VMware for virtualization?

    As for jobs, being proficient with vSphere is ussually one requirement of many for sysadmin jobs. If your wanting to work solely with VMware you going to want to shoot for the VCAP level exams and be able to demonstrate with work experience that you are comfortable and confident with performing those advanced tasks. I dont think there is any getting around not having experience with this technology so if your company is using it, see if you can get involved somehow.

    The VCA cert should get you familiar with the products. The VCP, I believe, is the entry level cert here and it is farely difficult. Having the VCP with no work experience will prob not get you job but will really help your resume if your shooting for sysadmin position.
  • monorionmonorion Member Posts: 90 ■■■□□□□□□□
    thank you tstrip, yes sysadmin is where i would like to end up down the road....unfortunately my company won't let me get involved with it

    Im still deciding what cert i want to tackle next just trying to get a good understanding of what should be the best to get first ..

    thank you
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    What I like to do when determining goals is get on to job sites and search different positions e.g System Administrator, VMware Engineer. Every once in awhile the job description will be very descriptive and clearly states what they expect you to able to do. Then ask yourself, "Would I be comfortable and confident doing that?" if not, "What will it take to get me there?". Obviously you don't have complete control over the work experience part but you DO have control over whether you have the knowledge or not. Look for trends in the job searches then do some research and make a decision.
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