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Passed GCFA today. Was kinda rough actually. Didn't expect to see the questions worded the way they were after taking the practice test. Anyhow, I have:
(1) GCIA SEC503 Practice Exam to give away
(1) GCFA FOR508 Practice Exam to give away

PM me your registered SANS email ID and the cert you are going for. You must be actively pursuing the cert, I don't want to waste the practice exam if you are just going to "trade" it away for a different practice test or just want to see if you have the skillset. For that you can just check the SANS website and see what you need to study.
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    Congratulations and welcome to the club! Well done.
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    Hi. I would like the 503 practice test. My Sans id is [email protected].
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    Thank you for the congrats!!

    GCIA Practice exam is gone....
    GCFA practice exam left....
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    All practice exams are gone....
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    Great Job ! Congrats icon_thumright.gif
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    Can you tell us on the materials you used besides the practice tests, are books good enough?
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    I attended a training course with Chad Tilbury (SANS Instructor). It was a great course with a lot of swag?? We received a 64gb USB drive that had the SANS SIFT workstation on it, F-Response Tactical dongles, and a copy of File System Forensic Analysis by Brian Carrier along with the SANS courseware. However, unless you are in the industry and/or are familiar with all the tools that are referenced I would find it very hard to believe that a person could challenge this exam without attending at least attending a live event or doing On-Demand. If there's someone out there that thinks they could do it, I would tell them to get the Brian Carrier book (It has all the file systems/volumes broken out in detail and goes over the Sleuth Kit and other open source tools). Also, he/she would need to definitely read up on and understand how timeline and super timeline analysis works. The website: The Sleuth Kit (TSK) & Autopsy: Open Source Digital Forensics Tools was a great resource also...
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    Psyco32, can you tell us if you had found Practice Exam questions in your certification exam? All of it, or only a small part?
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    Hi Psyco32,
    please check message. Thanks.
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    shalabh169 wrote: »
    I will be really grateful if some1 guide me through GCFA .I have my exam next month.Currently i am having 2 year experience in forensic field, but cannot afford the training.Rite now i am only studying from william manning gcfa book 2010 edition and practicing from act*al test exam ****. Are they enough for making the index.Also wanted to know are Official sans gcfa practice paper questions do come in main exam or not.
    Thanks a lot

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