Advice for going into Network field.

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Hi I am currently on my last year of college in NJ for a B.S in Computer Science. 1 more semester to go till I venture into open waters. I am lost on where to go and what I will need to get a career in a field I enjoy. But since I have no real experience in networking aside from my courses involving Intro into networking, and soon to take a course on wireless networking and side projects for companies; No idea what to do. I've done projects involving installation of Network switches for schools which included rack mounting, installing UPS, up linking switches, installing the fibers/cables, installing routers, etc for about a year+. Most of the technical stuff was to be done by the Engineers and/or admins. I loved it and I enjoy the hands on stuff more than programming and software dev. What would I need to go into this field? By June 2014 I will have my B.S in Computer science and that's about it. Should I be going only for Cisco Certs? If so which ones and where should I look to gain more experience? What career you guys think I would best fit in? I know these are broad questions but I just like to get an idea of which direction to go.


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