Help with Setting up CCNP Hardware Setup based on INE topology

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Good Afternoon Yall,
I was wondering if you would so kind as to give me some guidance on setting up my CCNP equipment up based on INE CCNP topology. I have scoured countless searches online and would like to be able to do all my CCNP labs to no success based on the hardware i have. I can do some but was wondering if there was a topology you guys can help that i will be able to do most of the CCNP RS labs.

Hope you guys can give me some guidance based on what i have.
I am in process of studying for my CCNP route exam and would like to be able to do the majority of labs. I know i don't have all required routers and switches available and i do apologize for my newby questions.

I have the following RTR and SW in use and the unused hardware are for future CCIE RS studies. Thanks

R1 2611 XM 1 Wic-2T and 1 Wic-1T
R2 2621 XM 1 Wic-2T and 1 Wic-1T
R3 2651 XM 1 Serial 8A/S
R4 2610 XM 1 Wic-2T and 1 Serial 4 A/S
R5 2620 and 1 Wic-2T
R6 2610 and 1 Wic-2T

Sw1 and Sw2 2x3550 48 port
Sw3 and Sw4 2x3550 24 port

Frame Relay Switch
2511 RJ 16A/A

3640 1 Ethernet "0" port and 1 AUI
3640 1 Serial 4A/A and 1 Ethernet "0" port and 1 AUI

1X2950 24 port
2522 8 A/S


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    I don't know what the INE CCNP topology is, but you have more than enough gear to actually study the material.
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