Small Review of RHCE Rapid course, and what's next after RHCE?

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I recently attended the RHCE Rapid Course. I have a small review for everyone here. First like to let everyone know, I have 10+ years in writing c/c++ professionally. The biggest leap I made, if i treated RHEL like a programming environment, everything clicks.

1) Redhat's course is top shelf. Is it worth the money? If you have it, yes.

2) The redhat instructor is A+++. The instructor explained things very elegantly. He is from Canada, but I can't seem to recall his name.

3) Its very fast paced and 95% hands on.

4) The RHCE Rapid book is great, its direct to the point. I wish they had this on PDF.

5) Everything builds on everything. You are constantly build skill by executing things over and over in different scenarios.

How did we do collectively?

1) Majority passed the RHCSA exam, some unfortunately, did not. Most for the same reason, unfortunately, I can not tell why icon_sad.gif

2) Even fewer passed the RHCE exam. Most ran out of time. I did too, but it was on when I was checking my work. I am glad I did, i found a blatant issue that takes 2 seconds to fix.

I did pass, RHCSA with a perfect score, and RHCE with lots of wiggle room. To be blunt, I had it planned out that I would fail the first attempts and have this month and part of next to re-take it.

So my main question is what is next? I do not have a clear plan what to do next. I spent this weekend thinking on it and researching. I see I do need a good virtualization cert, like VMWare or RHVA (?). I like to take a huge step away from microsoft windows. So let me know what your thoughts are, and maybe I can come up with a plan in a few days.

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    Congrats on the pass although I don't know why you would spend the money on a course and plan on failing. What's next depends on why you got that very expensive cert in the first place. It sounds like you're looking to move into linux administration so I would start looking for a linux admin job or a server support job. That programming experience can go along way. As far as certification, that's going to depend on what you've worked on in your career and what you'd like to work on. Virtualization is important for an admin to learn these days. I'd recommend vmware. Don't forget networking either. It's important to be well rounded. I don't work with routers or switches but I work with cisco firewalls and my ccna has helped me to be more comfortable at the command line.
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    Congrats on passing the RHCE. Red Hat courses are awesome!

    Why did you do the RHCE course? Why do you want the VMWare cert?

    It all depends on your career goals and where do you want to be in the next 2-5 years.

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