My Certification Path for 2014

Current Position - Windows/Vmware Admin

2014 - Certification Path

Part A - Upgrade and Polish Foundation Skills
1. EMC Storage Certification - EMCISA - 1 month
2. Linux + - 1 month
3. MCSA Windows Server 2012 Upgrade Exam - 1 month

First two is based on a couple job interview where I found my self lacking storage and linux skills, and plus it would round off my skills nicely. MCSA Server 2012 since it is one exam - and won't take me much time.

Part B - Focus on Building a Specialty - Virtualization and Cloud
1. VCP - Cloud - 1 month
2. VCAP5 - DCA - 3 month
3. VCAP- Cloud -CIA - 3 months
4. Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist (2 exams) - 3 months
*5. Bonus - MCSE - Private Cloud - 3 months (2 exams)
- Have not decided above order- other then MCSE is last since it would provide me the least value.


  • asuraniaasurania Member Posts: 145
    FYI i know the above path will take me to 2015 for sure
  • gkcagkca Member Posts: 243 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Good plan, eh.
    asurania wrote: »
    EMC Storage Certification - EMCISA - 1 month

    Do you actually use EMC storage at work? I'm considering taking the EMCISA, actually I've read the ISM v2 book already, but I work with HP storage, so I'm not sure whether to take the EMCISA exam or not, I mean, it's almost vendor neutral according to those who took it, but I'm not sure what to answer if asked on the interview "why did you take the EMC exam if you didn't work with it?"...
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  • asuraniaasurania Member Posts: 145
    EMC is used by a lot of companies, but taking it to get more of a background in storage.
    I would answer the question as saying that you took it to get a stronger background in storage. FYI i do not work with EMC storage
  • asuraniaasurania Member Posts: 145
    anyone have feedback?
  • odysseyeliteodysseyelite Member Posts: 504 ■■■■■□□□□□
    The EMCISA exam is pretty much about storage basis. They throw in some marketing material about their products. I got it to compliment my VCP.
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  • googolgoogol Member Posts: 107
    Looking to take the EMC- Information Storage Associate (EMCISA) course at Ohlone this Spring just to gain some knowledge about Storage, as I heard it tries to be neutral for this, but then more focused on its products in more advanced exams?

    I am going to be busy with new job, getting up to speed with things, while learning lots, mainly networking as I would be working with all areas of networking from Cisco ASA to vpn concentrators to routers to switches and everything in between. I am switching from a dominant systems engineer/administrator role to more of networking/security, but while also doing the system admin work... I will probably look at studying for a network certification, probably juniper and look at CCNA Voice for VOIP..though avaya is used, but I figure at least that will refresh my CCNA, but that doesn't expire until 2015.
  • asuraniaasurania Member Posts: 145
    anyone have any expereine with the VCAP
    I usually do contracting...trying to gauge the impact on VCAP to Contract Rates/Job Oppurtunties

    My end belief is since it is very difficult certification the value of it will be higher, and and command a higher rate.

    I also find in interviews that i always get asked questions about storage and linux so the linux/storage certification will help a lot there
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