Failed twice LX01- what the???

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I've been a Linux user since '98 but have done little in the way of linux admin work, so most of my linux experience has been through a gui with occasional use of the CLI. I'm trying to change career paths and formalize my experience by getting certifications. (also helps to get through HR filters and so on).

I've been doing the LPIC 1-101 course on Udemy.com and some reading (not enough apparently). I have a lab set up with a Debian machine and a virtual Fedora machine to work with.

Two weeks ago i felt ready having scored high on a number of test exams, ... and failed with a 480. Bummer, but first time so I'm ok with that. I can learn from it, figure out where I am weak and go again. A score of 480 is so close to passing that I was sure I would pass with a little more work.

Late last week I retook the exam and failed even harder! I scored 430! And yet I felt more confident in my answers this time.
I'm not sure what happened and I'm not sure what to do next - I can't keep paying to take this exam if I can't pass it, but I see a lot of folks say this exam is simple and I wonder what I am doing wrong.

I suspect the issue is this - I learn by doing, and I currently have no practical application for what I am learning. I can run through an example configuration or command, set something up, but once I'm done, I've forgotten everything. I'm just not learning it.

I'm not sure what to do at this point; perhaps try something else and put Linux on hold?
I'm planning on taking my CCNP switch next year and perhaps my CCNA:SEC as well. I'm also looking at CompTIA project+ and some windows certs so maybe a that is route forward. Anyway, not sure where I am going with this but thought I'd throw this out to the forum and see what wisdom comes back, because right now I am shell shocked that I failed twice and stumped as to where to go next.
Currently working on CompTIA Linux+
Hoping to get CCNA: Sec (640-554) and CCNA:R&S (640-816) next year.
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    I always promote Linux From Scratch. If you learn by doing, you will learn Linux if you complete both LFS and Beyond Linux From Scratch. I have completed both, twice. I'd feel better if I did it a third time, but since I am building a lot of software at work, I don't have time to. But just the other day someone wanted a new version of GCC which wasn't in the repo and I build it. LFS will should you just how to do things like that and more. See my two blogs, not thorough, but you will get the idea:


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    LFS/BLFS is a great suggestion. I might have to re-attack that one. I started it not long after it first came out but could always find the right version of source code to download.
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    brownwrapbrownwrap Member Posts: 549
    The first time I did LFS/BLFS I had trouble, but the 2nd time the documentation and packages were much easier to follow. Not saying it is easy, just extremely beneficial.
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