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Afternoon all, I have my 410 exam booked this friday (22nd) and I am really worried about it. I have been on the official 70-410 course which was a week in length. I have also read the Microsoft Press book, The 70-410 book by Craig Zucker, I have watched all the CBT Nuggets videos (twice now) and have also taken a couple of practice tests from Transcender. I am still failing these exams. I am now beginning to look elsewhere for help and advise. My training environment is all VMWare based running Server 2012 with three client machines on both Windows 7 and 8. Everything that they do on the CBT Nuggets videos etc I have been copying and going through all the bits they bring up. I am the only one in our team at work yet to take this exam and unfortunately for me they have all passed and so the pressure is on :-S. I feel that I have put alot of time in to the prep for this but don't feel anywhere near being ready for it. Please help.


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    I'd personally reschedule. Speaking from recent personal experience, I underestimated the Transcender practice tests. I did not pass the actual exam. I feel that if I actually put more time into the practice tests to at least understand the basis of why certain answers were right--I would have probably passed.
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    what i always do when preparing for an exam is to use Transcender/Selftest/Measureup (whichever one has an exam available) and print the questions with answers and explanations. I then don't read the question and make a **** sheet based just on the facts based in the explanations. Then a couple of days out from the real exam i do the practice tests.
    Its worked well for me. I have only failed an exam (so far) where there were no practice exams for it.
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    Have you done?
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