Help, what should I do?

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I currently scheduled to take the composite 200-120 CCNA exam, this will be my first Cisco exam. I see many people take the 2 exam route through ICDN1 and 2, but I have been studying pretty hard for 6 weeks and feel like I could take the composite test am I wrong or naive? Has anyone else done the composite as their first try or has everyone done the 2 exams to get the CCNA?


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    6 weeks?

    I would recommend a test exam. I'm sure someone on here would have the resources, but 6 weeks would be hard even with 8 hour a day dedication M-F.
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    If you do not work with Cisco equipment day to day and have only studied for 6 weeks, you are in for a rude awakening when you sit the composite exam.
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    Yes this is extremely naive and I am not trying to be an ******* but anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you, there is no way you can absorb the amount of information that is needed in 6 weeks never having touched any Cisco equipment. If you really want to test yourself than get one the Boson Exap Prep Practice Exams | ExSim-Max | Boson it cost $99 but it will give you a realistic feeling for the exam and it will tell you what you did wrong, what your weakness is, and explain everything to you. Study and keep on retaking the practice exam and once you start scoring in the 90% then go take the test. The new version of the exam that came out on Nov 1 is harder than the old one, so please take our word for it and go with the two exam option ICND1 and then ICND2, let me be clear the single composite exam option is not for noobs in any way form or fashion it will kick your ass. There is a reason that CCNA holds so much weight in IT circles, its an instant verification that your not a dumb ass and that you have the ability to learn advanced material, it gives you instant credibility.
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    If you are ready after 6 weeks then take the exam. Looks Like you already have your N+. Look at the exam objectives and if you are confident in you skill on all of then take the test. I went with the two exam approach as its easier for me to digest the information. My ICND2 exam is tomorrow and I studied for 3 weeks for that.
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    I was feeling confident until I was given this feedback about how its a terrible idea. @Hammer80 do you mean there was a different version of the 200-120 test out Nov 1, or did you mean when the old test was expired and switched to the new one Oct 1?
    I also wasn't studying just on my own, I was in a tech class for about 5 weeks, 3 days a week with a good instructor teaching. Using packet tracer, read the Lamelle book cover to cover and have taken a bunch of sample test. Still have a week to study, but now think I need to back off and just go for the ICDN1 first. The thing is that I'm studying all the objectives, not just breaking them up by ICDN1 and 2 test.
  • Arthurg81Arthurg81 Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
    btw good luck tomorrow 100k!
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    Arthurg81, sorry I mean Oct 1 not Nov 1. Yes the last day to take the old exam was Sept 31, anybody taking the exam starting Oct 1 had to take the new exam, the main difference is that they front loaded a lot of information into the ICND1 which was not the case before, if you pass the first test than you are a CCENT. The reason that they made the first test so much harder than before is because they want CCENT to carry more weight, CCNA used to be the entry to Cisco world, now CCENT is the intro. The composite single exam is less questions but they are much more difficult and cover much more ground which is why it's not recommended for anyone new to Cisco.

    What I would do now is lab, lab, lab and get really good with CLI and subnetting. Also I think Lammle on his website tells you which chapters to focus on for which test, so just find that and drill down those specific chapters.
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    Oh ok, yeah I always assumed CCENT wasn't really worth it unless you get the CCNA right away. I'm in a situation where I am counting on the Certs to help me find a job, otherwise I would just go to CCENT then CCNA and not rush. I don't know...ugh
  • Arthurg81Arthurg81 Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I can subnet like an animal lol, and can use packet tracer pretty easily...but I know this test is rough for noobs like me.
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    If you're confident in your knowledge, go for it.
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    I agree. If you feel you know what you're doing, go for it.
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    just to update I passed today!!! with a 972/1000 and I could've gotten a perfect 1000 but I forgot something stupid and realized it later, I'm glad I didn't get scared off by people on here telling me the composite is so much rougher that the 2 test, that's absolutely not true.
  • linuxloverlinuxlover Banned Posts: 228
    Congratulations! I'll be taking the ICND1 and ICND2 and hope to pass on my first try like you did.
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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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