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Not sure if I just missed this in my search, but I have a question regarding continuing education. I passed the Sec+ in 2011 but have not paid for the continuing education. Is that something I can do now or have I already missed the boat on the three year plan?


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    If you login to your CompTIA account at, you'll be able to pay. I haven't paid since April 2012 and I currently have a total balance of $98.00, for the $49 I have due for 2012 & 2013. I don't think it officially expires until the 3-yr period is up. So you should be able to logon and pay the $147. 00. Not sure how you would be able to catch up on doing & submitting CE credits at the is point though. My advice, buy a book, study & go re-test before your 2014 expiration date.
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