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Hi all. I wanted some input on the following...

A lot of times, before I'd apply to a job (mostly warehouse, retail, etc, to get me through high school/college) I'd use a site like glassdoor to find out how the working conditions were, what the pay was like, etc. Does anyone else do this? How do you guys react when the reviews aren't too good, but the company in question is a non-tech company. The sales people, warehouse people etc, seem to be unhappy but I don't know that it translates to my expected experience.

I ask because I got contacted for an interview, and at this point, with no experience, I'm not in a position to really turn down anything. I have my first IT interview tomorrow for a networking position, but it can't hurt to arrange a few more since I don't know how things will turn out. It's an IT Assistant position, and I'm not sure how technical it is. Qualifications don't really give any hint, since there's not much listed, and responsibilities include escalating tickets, doing password resets, etc, but it insists on having a knowledge of MS Office. I get a feeling it may not be an overly technical position, but I can always find that out later.

So, does anyone have any experiences they would like to share?


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    Like any other online reviews you have to take them with a grain of salt. I have looked up companies as well before going into an interview, just to get a feel. I would ask some questions in the interview about the positions duties. Definitely don't settle for just one interview. You want to keep your options open. I've interviewed about 6 times in the last month or so. In my experience you'll interview with companies you like more than others, and its about finding the best fit you.
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