Basic Pinging Problem with 2 routers and 2 PC's in GNS

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Actually i have trying but unable to reolve this problem,i have 2 routers R1,R2 2 PC's PC1,PC2on R1 Ip is (s1/0)and IP is (gi2/0)On r2 IP is (s1/0)and IP is (gi2/0)on PC1 IP is on Pc2 IP is i am not able to ping PC1 to PC2i can Ping upto R1 from PC1 and upto r2 from PC2 also able to ping R1 to r2i have not entered any other command except No shut on all interfaces.Kindly suggest me is there anything missing??Topolgy diagram attached


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    DO routing .

    on router 1 use following command

    router (conifg)#ip route

    on router 2 use following Command

    router (conifg)#ip route
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    Thanx alot dear, Now its pinging fine, after that one more doubt generated in my mind, Why we need this routing command, even these all are directly connected, and like only 2 routers there so why we need routing??
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    Routers don't know where to send information unless they are told the route. R1 doesn't know the path for the non connected PC so it drops the packet.

    Routing protocols are used in a normal network instead of static commands like above. Ospf, eigrp...etc.
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