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Hi guys,
I done the classroom course on Vsphere 5 in 2012, after getting a new job iv have decided i want to get the exam done. I am going through the CBT nuggets and i have just ordered the Master 5.5 Scott Lowe book. My question is this, Does the exam include the 5.5 content? As obviously my course was a little older and wont of had all the information i needed. Also if any of you guys are in the UK, How much did the exam cost?


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    The current Exam is still on 5 with 5.1 content. 5.5 should be out early-mid next year. There hasn't been any official word yet, however, that is what I am hanging out for. I'm reading through Mastering 5.5 now (In fact - I have it open in front of me right now) Go the 5.5, read it, know it, and give yourself the extra month or so to be ready to nail it.
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