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I'm not writing the server or interested in writing the exam, but I had a course pretty much based on 2003 server. I also have one on XP aswell but anyways.

I was wondering if in the actual certification exam, do you get questions like
"What tab would XXX be under?"
"If you right click and disable a icon in device manager, you should get _______"

Those are just examples, I know some of them, the answers are easy but I was curious if you would run into questions like that in the certification exam.

Reason being is because I just wrote a midterm which had a ton of "remember the interface" over actual "apply/prove your knowledge" questions. In my opinion anyways.
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    More which features and options should be configured or disabled in a certain scenario rather than knowing 'just' a tab name. It's more about what you do with it rather than how to do it. You obviously have to know the interface to know where to configure certain options and to complete the sim questions in the exam, but it goes a lot further than naming/identifying GUI elements.

    Check out our 70-290 practice exam, that should give you a good indication.
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