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As most jobs say, you need at least 3-5 years in the information technology program, 5 years in your particular field, and a bachelor's degree (and since most don't take associate's degree), I decline to talk about getting a job with an associate's degree, but what I can't figure out, if I could intern as work experience before i get my field, are there any jobs so I can get my foot started in before I go into the Info Sec industry. Every time I check for jobs such as through, indeed, or even internmatch, I'm still finding that I need some type of degree and previous skills, but where can I get an internship without a degree. Where is it?


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    Hi Reliable,

    From a interviewer perspective and someone who work in a team that look for candidates with 3 years infosec experience before. Companies do consider accepting accept fresh graduate or people who is interested in infosec security career line. This is because of the shortage of infosec professional in the market, most resume often shows up with candidate having the wrong experience or qualification, while suitable candidates may not always been within the company budget. Therefore, while filling up an infosec team requirement, companies may sometimes have to consider candidates who can best fit within the budget requirement, this is very common especially for low level entry infosec jobs. Companies often face into a situation where they either have to raise the budget requirement, or force to look at the alternative. That is how you can fall into being part of the alternative and break into infosec career.

    You just have to know what to get in your resume to be pick up by a companies if they couldn't find a suitable candidate within their budget, either a good security experience, good networking security experience, good security certs, or a well known local security degree will land you in a good chance of being an alternative.

    The easiest I know of is having security certs, somewhere along the lines of having ceh, gcih alongs with some other common certs like ccna, ccnp and some microsoft certs and you will stand a good chance in breaking into infosec line. Just do some research on what good certs to get that can give you a good roi.

    I dont know if an internship will helps in breaking into infosec line, it just shows your interested but it may not shows you are capable in filling up the company requirement.
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    What's your geographical mobility? The greater the distance you are willing to physically move for a job the better your chances at finding something that fits you needs best. Many people who complain they can't find a job don't bother to also say they don't want more than a 15-minute commute. That kind of restriction sure narrows the opportunities.
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    My company offers remote (work-from-home) internships, but they are very selective. I personally don't care about your formal education. But what are your skills.
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