CCNP beneficial for Someone hoping to get into the Security Industry?

StussyNzStussyNz Member Posts: 177
Hello CCNP members!

Just asking for some Input on my Future career path. I'm looking to progress into the Security sector at one stage. I have been asking around and some people just believe that the most you really require to progress into the Security field is CCNA/CCNA:S.
Do you feel that there is much benefit in pursuing CCNP?

All Input Welcome.


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    Security is a big field... what exactly do you want to do in it?

    Do you want to be in security management? firewall configuration? Tiger team? Remediation? PCI auditing?

    If it's more on the management side... then CCNA would probably work.
    If it's on the implementation side, go for CCNP.
  • StussyNzStussyNz Member Posts: 177
    Good question; I'll have to dig deeper and find out what area I hope to go into... If Management was my ideal situation would you recommend getting a Masters? I could imagine If i would look at going into a more technical route, Vendor certs would be the best option?
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    I answered a similar question in this thread:

    Depending on the specific role and responsibility, I think a CCNP adds value (I don't have the certification). But that said, it's easy to get caught up in understanding only device configuration and general traffic handling and neglecting the subjects of attacks, threats, and the darker motivations they stem from.

    Vendor certs have their place and if you're going to be managing devices a lot, then definitely get a few. But don't think that's the end of the road because understanding what you're defending against is a big part of the responsibility and I've found that far too often many engineers don't have that insight because all they know are the tools, not the creative tactics employed to bypass traditional defenses.
    Hopefully-useful stuff I've written:
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