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Am interested in both Computer Networking and the Heath Care sector. Can anyone guide me as to how I should go about this ? i.e. which Networking certifications should I choose so [Coming in from the IT side] as to work/apply myself in the Health Care sector ? Thank You :)
Came across the following : 1. http://certification.comptia.org/getCertified/certifications/hittech.aspx
2. http://www.tomsitpro.com/articles/healthcare_it_certification-ehr-comptia-arra-healthcare_it_technician,1-148.html


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    Just reading over your post history, and noticed you mentioned that you are a "novice" level. I would suggest you start off with getting your CompTIA A+ certification, then CompTIA Network+, then CompTIA's Healthcare IT certification, the Helathcare IT cert is pretty much a combination of Network+ and a little Security+. Keep an eye out for jobs at your local hospitals, and clinics, a lot of times they don't post on Craigslist or indeed.com or any other large virtual classified marketplace. 25% of what the CompTIA Healthcare IT cert covers (see exam objectives) is Medical Business Operations, which is things like medical departments, medical acronyms, terms, etc. I would look for any job that would provide you with IT experience, and keep looking for that dream job you want, because experience is invaluable.
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    I'm not really in the strictly technical areas anymore, but from what I can tell from what others who are have said, an A+ cert has little value these days, so might be worthwhile to go straight for others......
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    A close friend of mine is in the health field (management) and I was recalling one of the emails that they sent me about certifications that relates to their job:

    Certified Health Informatics Systems Professional

    Certified Healthcare CIO

    Certified professional In Healthcare Information & Management Systems

    Commission on Certification for Health Informatics & Information Management
    CCS-P (Working on)

    Healthcare IT

    Health IT Certification
    CPEHR (Working on)

    Hopefully that will help you out. You should be able to google them in order to get more information on them. I left off the cloud certs that she had from the list since I found it odd studying for them when HIPPA regulations prevent storing medical data on a remote provider's servers/data-centers. I will say that the business card is an interesting thing to see with all of the certs on the the bottom in smaller print...pride maybe or perhaps something to show potential business partners what you know (assuming they know those acronyms)?
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