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Hello everyone, I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm definately still here. Anyway, I've been thinking about setting up a political site via a content management system such as Drupal or Mambo. Getting a host and loading the appropriate PHP pages aren't a problem. However, I am concerned about management and content if I am going to try to host a site which (I hope) will be read by a large number of users daily. icon_cool.gif I work full time and go to school full time and sometimes I'm just too tired to do anything at all. I have my own blog based on WordPress that I update almost every other day, but I'm not sure I'd have the time or the long-term motivation to go about supporting and managing massive amounts of content. I really wanna develop a decent community of users, I'm just concerned I may be setting my sights too high. For you webmasters out there, would you have any advice for me? Thanks a million! :D


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    My suggestion is just to start small and slowly add content as you can. This will also allow you to provide content that is really needed because you will receive more active feedback on individual updates and planned expansion.
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    As you build members, you can personally ask people if they are willing to help in certain areas.

    If you find a person or two really into your topics, perhaps bring them on as an Admin. Many times you will find volunteer help, but you may also consider splitting advertising profits with them....if that will keep them vested in the project.

    You can always write a contract if you are really concerned about the staff - particularly if you plan to share any monies. Most likely it won't be a lot of income (if you take on ads), but it may be enough for someone to consider.

    Start small and grow. If you start too large or set the initial goal too large, you won't allow yourself enough time to act to adjust your site/software or categories.

    As always, slow and steady wins the race :)
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