Do CompTIA certs still benefit someone working toward MCSA/MCSE?

lawrence_of_arabialawrence_of_arabia Member Posts: 58 ■■□□□□□□□□
There is a possibility of this being a very stupid question, but I'd like to get some confirmation nonetheless... So.... I have finally decided to make my first vendor specific certification MCSA (server 2012). I know that in the past, some CompTIA certifications could fulfill an elective for the MCSA/MCSE. I also know that the old MSCA/MCSE certs are COMPLETELY different then they are now, and basically mean two different things. I'm assuming that the only way to attain the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 credential is to take and pass the 410, 411, and 412 exams. In short, do my CompTIA certifications do anything for me in the MS testing world these days? I've researched quite a bit on the forums here, as well as MS dot com to no avail..


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