TCP/IP Model vs. OSI Model

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Hi all. First time poster here.

I'm reading Meyer's net+ and in ch.2 he takes an aside after explaining OSI and says that the TCP/IP model is more widely used.
How relevant is this to the exam? I'm always reading in different job postings about TCP/IP, but not a lot of OSI.

Any thoughts on this?



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    They are intermixed. TCP/IP was officially accepted, but its similar to OSI, and people use OSI terminology commonly to describe TCP/IP layers as well. Just learn what all the 7 layers do, that's all there is to both.

    Only difference between them is OSI calls layer 3 network layer while TCP/IP calls it internet layer or something. My memory is hazy. Oh and OSI divides up the Application layer into further 3 layers (session, presentation, application). Their details aren't that important, just know application layer.
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    Computers actually use TCP/IP protocols - not OSI protocols. However, the OSI model has been accepted over the TCP/IP (AKA DoD) model because the OSI model has been deemed superior.

    So it's kinda weird because people use the OSI model to describe the TCP/IP protocol stack.

    What you want to do is focus on memorizing and fully understanding the OSI model first and foremost. Then just figure out what parts of the TCP/IP model correspond to the OSI model.

    Also, because the OSI model is more frequently used, you'll be tested a lot more on the OSI model than on the TCP/IP.
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    deep_logic wrote: »
    How relevant is this to the exam?
    Welcome to the forums.

    You'll find that the the OSI model is much more heavily tested than the TCP/IP model on the Network+ exam. You should know:
    • The names and numbers of each layer in the OSI model
    • Names of data units on each layer of the OSI model (i.e. segments, packets, frames, and bits)
    • Which protocols are mapped to which layers of the OSI model
    • Which hardware devices are mapped to which layers of the OSI model
    • Which TCP/IP layers map to which OSI layers
    Hope this helps.
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