Passed. Warning about bug on performance questions.

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Hi all,

I have been reading the forum for a while now and want to thank all of you. The discussion in this forum gave me a great understanding of how I should prepare and what to expect on the exam. I also wanted to post to let future test takers know that there are still bugs in the performance based questions. My first performance question would not display on my screen unless I pressed reset. Once I submitted the answer it would disappear and I could not review it. For all I know the answer it saved was blank. Pressing reset again would make the question appear again, but would also clear my answers. The rest of the questions worked fine. When I showed the proctor the bug, she informed me it happened to everyone taking Security+.

If you experience this bug or any other bug, make sure you tell the proctor immediately. You may get extra time, you may be able to challenge if you fail the exam and, even if you easily pass, CompTIA needs to informed about these issues.

Thank you all again for the great community.



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