U.S. Tech Jobs to Foreign Workers

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This is absolutely insane, we are all trying to find work and our government could give a d%@n.


Senate Judiciary Committee Votes to Sell Hundreds of Thousands of Visas to Corporations

On Thursday, October 20, 2005, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of Senators Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Edward Kennedy’s (D-MA) plan to sell hundreds of thousands of additional work visas and permanent green cards to corporations to hire foreign workers for high-tech and professional jobs in the U.S.

“Senators Specter and Kennedy’s plan is a travesty to American students studying to enter scientific, engineering and high-tech fields, as well as to those Americans who have worked hard to become masters of their craft,” said Roy Beck, Executive Director of NumbersUSA. “Selling huge numbers of additional jobs to foreign workers adds insult to injury for American citizens who are already having a difficult time finding full-time employment in their professional field at a family wage.”

The plan was devised to satisfy the requirement for each congressional committee to come up with spending cuts or revenue increases to offset the profligate spending in recent years by Congress and the President. Senators Specter and Kennedy’s proposal sells hundreds of thousands of high-skilled American jobs over the next several years to corporations that will then be allowed to import additional foreign workers instead of hiring Americans. A portion of the jobs will be given for three to six years to foreign workers, and the rest of the jobs will be taken away from American workers forever by importing permanent foreign workers.

“It is truly unfortunate and tragic that the Judiciary Committee has decided to balance their part of the budget mess on the backs of unemployed and underemployed high-tech and other professional workers,” said Beck. “This action sends the message to American students that if they pursue a specialized field, they may not be able to find jobs in the U.S. This plan will cost corporations $500 per visa, but will cost American workers their livelihoods.”

Beck further criticized Senator Specter and the Judiciary Committee for increasing immigration at a time when it already is running more than a million a year – four times higher than traditional levels: “American communities need a breather. They need immigration reductions. They don’t need the federal government forcing hundreds of thousands more foreign workers into their already congested job markets and communities.


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