Exam code questions (select options from multiple dropdown lists)

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I'm currently in progress of taking the MCSD exams in "Web Applications" and have passed 70-480 and 70-486 so far. Hopefully I will get the last one (70-487) somewhen in december.

During the previous exams I found some of the fill-out-the-blanks code questions somewhat confusing. The type of questions I'm referring to is the questions where you have to answer by selecting options from one or more dropdown lists that are placed within a piece of code.

Am I always supposed to select an option from ALL dropdown lists, or is it just some of them?

For instance, if I'm supposed to answer wich parameters should be used for a given method (let's say there's three parameters and there's one dropdownlist for each parameter). Is it certain that I need to select an option from each of the three dropdown lists?
The code could be something like: public void SomeMethod([DROPDOWNLIST], [DROPDOWNLIST], [DROPDOWNLIST]);

Sometimes I just felt that one (or more) of the options didn't belong anywhere and that I should avoid selection an option for some of the dropdown lists.

So, it would be nice to know if I'm always supposed to select an option from ALL dropdown lists. That way I can at least increase my changes of giving the correct answer if I'm totally lost :)


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    In the example you give:
    You would have to select something for each parameter or it would cause a syntax error.

    It's the same for other similar questions like when you have to select blanks in a Web.config file or XAML or XML. You answer cannot cause an error or it's wrong.
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    sjesje Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
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