Progress Tracking with PowerShell

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As I was skimming through the objectives in Asif Dasl's thread, it occurred to me that I would like to have an organized method of tracking progress based on those objectives.

So, I created a PowerShell-friendly spreadsheet ;)

Link to CSV (defaults are for 410 but can easily be modified for other exams):


1. Section - Default based on thread
2. Objective - Default based on thread
3. Video - Number of hours spent on video content
4. Reading - Number of hours spent reading
5. Lab - Number of hours spent "in the lab"
6. PowerShell - Have I configured this with PowerShell? Yes/No

Examples of how to get some numbers:

1. This example demonstrates how to get the total number of hours spent in the lab on objectives pertaining to Hyper-V.

# Fill the object array
$objArr = Import-Csv -Path 'd:\lab\server 2012\410\master.csv'

# Instantiate sum variable
$sum = 0

# Get objectives where the section relates to Hyper-V and add lab hours to sum
$objArr | ? {$_.section -like '*hyper-v*'} | % {$sum += $_.lab}

# Print sum

2. I was going to add another example here, but then I ended up writing several functions to manipulate the data...

Link to script:

Functions include:


Simply change the file type to '.ps1' to use, and of course, change the CSV path to reflect your environment. Also, if you would like to use this to track progress for a different exam, then modify $sectionArr with unique identifiers for the sections you are studying.

I am sure the script could be improved, but that is what I have for now :)


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