ASA TFTP issues

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Having this problem when trying to download asdm from my ASA 5505 to my PC

test-asa# copy flash tftp

Source filename []? asdm-602.bin

Address or name of remote host []?

Destination filename [asdm-602.bin]?

Writing file tftp://
%Error writing tftp:// (PUT Access Denied)

I have never seen the PUT Access Denied before. Does anyone know where I am going wrong.
I am using tftpd32, both devices can ping, PC firewall is switched off.

I dont know whether the problem is with the firewall or the PC. Any help would be much appreciated



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    Can you upload or download any other files? Does the tftp show any error msgs in the log? Not to familiar with tftpd32 but try 3cdaemon and see if any messages comes up when you try to upload.

    Also a quick way to rule out the firewall on the pc is to disable it on your computer and retry. If it works then you have to add an exception in your computers firewall for the tftp server.
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    Did you try googling this? Take a kook here

    Open TFTP Server PUT ACCESS DENIED problem | Tips and Thoughts

    Also, why use TFTP? FTP is the way to go since it uses TCP
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    I think I had this issue before, if your ASA IOS doesn't support the ASDM image you are trying to upload, it will give you an error. Does your IOS support asdm-602? We RMA'ed a box with active/standby setup, and I couldn't load the old ASDM image onto the box which the primary had. Turns out our client never used ASDM and just upgraded the IOS over the years. I had to downgrade the IOS first to load the ASDM image onto it.

    As others said, can you upload other files?
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