Looking for.... (Ipswich, suffolk area)

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A partner, no not a romantic partner (maybe! haha) But a lab partner! I am based in ipswich currently so looking for a partner within the Suffolk county area. I have my Lab booked for June 2014, and if i keep going at my current pace, i will happily get my ass handed to me!



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    I'd be surprised if there was anyone at the same place as you in studying and physical location on this forum. Do you have any BT contacts? There's a chance someone is going for their CCIE at Adastral Park?
  • silver145silver145 Member Posts: 265 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Its worth a shot ;)

    I am trying on the BT forums also and asking other people. Just trying to find someone with the same level of motivation is the hard part, Most of the people my age are just wanting to do the 9-5 run away and have a social life! (which i dont blame them haha)
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    Sounds like you need someone with more motivation! Although I think I work fairly similarly, if there is competition to learn then I can really knuckle down and do it. When there is no pressure then it can wait for next week. I'm not a million miles away, if I was working towards my CCIE I could have been interested. Definately try and find a contact at BT to ask around Adastral Park.
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