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To give back to the community that helped me greatly in preparing for this exam, here's a thread containing links I found useful. Please note that due to the open-ended nature of the blueprint, this is not an exhaustive list of resources you may need. Read, read, keep reading and then read some more - that's how you prepare for this.Feel free to post your own links into this thread and I'll add them to the list. So without much further ado, here you go.

Storage Networking DR/BC (SRM, MetroClusters included - you must know where you should use what solution) Design decisions HA/DRS/SDRS/Host Profiles/Linked Mode (all the good stuff!) Study guides Books (all these books were very, very useful) Videos Others I'll post my handwritten notes when I've been able to scan and convert them to a pdf. (cannot do this, because the notes contain things from my first 2 attempts and I've clearly marked them so I could work on them harder - probably means contravening the NDA if I did put them on here - sorry!)
NSX, NSX, more NSX..

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