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Just throwing this out for others as a suggestion. I'm in a semi-decent sized town, but sometimes looking for good companies that are localized (i.e. 30 miles or so or closer to home) is becoming a challenge if I don't already know about them. However, I was at one of the buildings at the local university and noticed a donation wall for the new business building that was recently built. It had a huge amount of donors, many of which I have checked out, but I picked up a whole lot more to review. The kicker is that these donors are also investing into the area and have local interest. Once I noticed this - other places like the zoo also have these. It's been very helpful to see what's around here by checking out these donor walls. Some of these have never appeared on the internet search engines or job listings, so it was nice to learn about other places.


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    Good non-tech idea!

    I have been doing something similar, using google maps to "comb" over metro areas near. If its a legit business, I have yet to see google maps miss one. I look at every building in a complex, industrial area, commercial zone, etc...most of the time simply clicking the name takes you too the companies site. If no link is present, googling the name will help to figure out how to contact them/see if they are hiring.

    Using this method I "discovered" a half dozen large organizations that were hiring, but were not posting on any job sites. I assume they are using recruiters exclusively(?) but who knows.

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