Sorry to ask a common question, where to now?

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I just passed the Security+ exam and now I have a whooping 2 certifications (Microsoft MCTS vista). I think most of my interest is in security. I live in the Northern VA area next to Quantico Marine base (big FBI training area) so most of the jobs around here are Federal Government contractors and you need a clearance to get them. I am just trying to get a job on the help desk for now to get some more experience and get a clearance but I am having trouble getting anyone to hire someone who does not already have that Federal Clearance. I am wondering what is my next best move, I just did Security+ yesterday and it was pretty easy, I only studied for 4 days and I passed. I am trying to get my foot in the door and I'm wondering what cert should be my next move to be as marketable as possible. I almost took the Server2003 test a couple years ago but a job offer suddenly came up and I didn't take the test even though I was ready for it. (stupid i know) My MCTS is Vista which is prob the worst one to have. I'm looking for some advice, should I go into the Microsoft track with all the Government jobs around here? Right now I'm just trying to get a job, I can move on to more interesting certs once I'm employed.

It's very frustrating around here with the clearance thing. I have a state clearance (I am a bail bondsman) which involves a background check and fingerprint card once every two years, but it's not a Federal Clearance. I know I would be able to obtain a clearance if I could just get someone to sponsor me. I have a good amount of IT experience for the job level I am applying for (help desk) but I'm losing out to people who already have a clearance. What's sad is they are prob crappy employees who got fired from somewhere else, but they are cleared, here I am extremely motivated and experienced and I get thrown to the bottom of the stack because I'm not cleared. Let's face it, if you are already cleared and you are applying for help desk jobs (unless you are former military) something is wrong, why have you not advanced? Why have you not gotten more certifications? If I could get that help desk job and had a company getting me a clearance I would be busting my ass getting certs and taking advantage of the opportunity. Sorry, that's a bit of a rant but it sucks when you know you would work your ass off in a job that you know a bunch of people have and don't appreciate. I listen to them complain all the time at the gym about work when I am teaching boxing classes to make ends meet and would jump at the chance to get a government job and have some stability.
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