Is it wise to learn Redhat 6 now or wait for rehat 7

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i am planning to learn redhat to get certificate . as the newer version rehat 7 is around the corner is it wise to start learning redhat 6 now or wait for redhat 7 to get certification .


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    I would recommend learning redhat 6. There are still people out there using redhat 4 and 5 as well as other distros altogether. You're not gonna get by in the linux world if you're not capable of adapting to both old and new technologies.
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    Your question suggests you have little experience in working with Linux. I don't think certification is a great goal, if you're just starting with Linux. It's more about proving to possible employers that you have the skills, if you already have them.

    The differences between RHEL-6 and RHEL-7 are very small looking at the big picture and I would recommend to start right away. Every month of experience will help you improve your Linux skills. With Linux, experience matters! Red Hat certification is not like learning 2 days for your ITIL exam and passing it.

    It might be a good idea to do the LPI-101/LPI-102 exams for $105 first as having LPIC-1 (101/102) is cheaper, relatively easy and will give you the additional SUSE Certified Linux Administrator and CompTIA Linux+ certificates for free.

    I have been working with Red Hat for 10 years and last month did the RHCSA exam and scored 300/300. It's a practical exam and not that easy though. If you have worked with Linux for 3 years, it's not that hard. But you have to know disk encryption, ldap, sticky bits, guid bits, chkconfig, basic selinux configuration, so it's better to stick to learning exactly the things that are asked on the exam in order not to waste your time.
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