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Just finished the Network+ book exam cram by dulaney and hardwood. Took about a week and half maybe 2 to finish. Didn't seem that bad really. In my assessment just remembering all them protocols and what layer they operate in seem to be my hangup. But I'll prob take at least 2 months to review and memorize and go take the test to be on the safe side. I do actually wanna know what they all do at least most of them.


I know I'm late on this but i also noticed that certain descriptions for actions or devices are differently used on a per book basis. Like i was taking a crack at a test engine and the words logging,notification, and shunning were for an explanation for an IDS. The book i read didn't explain it like that. I'm wondering if it's like that with the CISCO books?


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    You may want to slow it down a bit and get a fresh copy of the objectives from the CompTIA website. Exam crams are fine for folks with experience of those needing a light review. If one requires a bit more in depth information, then Meyers' text or one from Sybex will help a bit more.

    CompTIA tests are vendor neutral, so if you are loading up on CISCO books at this point, you'll be overly prepared and may even confuse yourself with the terminology. Keep it simple for the CompTIA track at first, then dive deeper. YMMV
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    thanks for clearing that up for me!:D
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