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Greetings and hello everyone!

I have been lurking in these forums for about half a year now and I've finally decided to join! Love the community here!

So 3 questions! These are in-depth and long winded and so in case you are wondering, I am in contact with WGU in regards to this, I just want the opinion of every WGU student and grad who has been through this process.

1. I am currently attending a local community college. I am on a General Education / Transfer Path (Tennessee Transfer Path) strictly for Computer Information Systems majors. I plan on attending WGU in 2014 or 2015...depending how fast I can finish my last "year". I am aiming to get into the IT:Security program at WGU. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge / experience in regards to how many CU's you have transferred in via your General Education (AS) degree. What is the average amount of CU's transferred in via an AS degree? I looked up and down the website and unfortunately, I don't see a "number" to how many "lower level courses" I can/an A.S. clear

In case anyone is wondering, I currently have/will complete:

3 Math courses (Finite Math, Calculus and Elementary Statistics)
2 Anatomy / Biology Courses
2 Economics Courses
2 Accounting Courses
1 Computer Applications Course (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Office Suite)
1 Literature Class
2 Humanities Classes
1 Speech/Debate/Argumentation Class
2 History Classes
2 English Courses
2 Electives (One Communication class, the second is the Linux + Class/cert class)
Total = 60 credit hours icon_study.gif

2. I am currently working on my A+ cert and also signed up for my college's Linux + Cert class (voucher included) and plan on having my Net + and Security + under my belt by the time I am done with my Linux + class (in May 2014). I am mainly doing this for my current HelpDesk job...more certs, better pay in my case per my employer as well as opportunities to train under the DBA's and Security specialists. I was wondering if any one knows how many CU's once can acquire if I transfer my A+, Net +, Security +, and Linux +? I may try to knock out my Project + cert (employer pays for certs) mainly because of IT:Security requirements, so I'll add that one as well.

3. I DO NOT like traditional classrooms. I love learning at my own pace, most of my courses I surpass the classroom as far as course completion. Not that its a race or anything, I simply learn fast and chew through work quickly (unless its math...).With that being said percentage-wise, about 70% of my college education (now until I get my AS Degree) will be/has though online classes (RODP). I was wondering if anyone can share their experience/wisdom and details on the process of learning at WGU. I DO NOT want to just "blow" through my classes, however I do want to complete at a goal time of two (FULL) terms.

Thank you so much for even looking at/reading my long , drawn out post. Love this community!
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    For your general ed classes, sounds like you're going in the right direction. I'd just look at the classes you have compared to the classes needed at WGU. From what I understand you can transfer the whole AS / 60 credits in. Someone else who did that would have to chime in.

    For the transferred certs, I saw someone here mention that you can only transfer 25% of your degree in via certs, but I haven't seen anything from WGU on that. I'd imagine you'd be fine with the list you are looking at. Unless the security track has changed in the last 6 months or so, you won't get anything for the network+.

    If you get 60 for your AS (just a guess) then 6 for the Project+, 8 for the A+, 4 (I think) for the Security+ and 4 more for the Linux+ you'll be sitting in a very strong position to finish the rest of the program fairly quickly.

    As for how quickly you'd get through classes, it's entirely up to you. If you don't want to blow through them and want to really learn the material, then do that. I know some people have the primary goal of speed and will do anything to pass classes quickly, but I wouldn't really say that is the norm for the students there. The ones you see on forums and blogs saying how they got their entire BS in 5 months are the rare exception not the rule.

    For reference, I'm in the security track myself, just finished my first term today.
    Good luck!
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    Thank you very much @Danielm7!

    Congrats on finishing your first term! How did you do?
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