Should I leave skills out of my resume that are not likely used on the job?

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I'm applying for a system admin position, so should I leave things out such as SQL, Java, HTML?

My resume is already quite cramped and Im trying to fit everything on 1 page


  • PlantwizPlantwiz Alligator wrestler Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    It is very common to tailor one's resume to each job they apply for.

    So, 'yes', it would be fine to omit items that do not apply to the job you are applying for. That doesn't mean you cannot discuss that you have these extra skills during an interview though! ;)

    And if experiences warrants, a second page is not 'frowned' upon these days, though I am still of the mind-set that a single page (if done appropriately) is really all that is necessary. Anything more is usually fluff.
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    Mine is two pages, though I'll be trimming it down now since I have solid full time experience and working in the field I wanted so I can cut out the coursework. But I agree, tailor it to the job you are applying for if you are 100% sure those skills won't be used. SQL might come in handy as a system admin though..
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  • WafflesAndRootbeerWafflesAndRootbeer Member Posts: 555
    Don't leave out....condense! Just say "Fluent in multiple scripted programming languages" instead of giving a laundry list of stuff. You never know what might come across as useful on a resume.
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