RHCSA/RHCE cert studies questions

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Hi all,

I looking to become RHCSA/RHCE certified and not even sure if this is the correct place to seek answers, however I will ask and see what info is given.

I am currently unemployed, have a background in Desktop Support, I have AA in Information Systems, A+ & Net+, and currently pursuing BS in Systems and Network Administration.

I play around with many different technologies almost everyday to keep myself up to date with some of the latest technologies/concepts.

I am looking to become RHCSA/RHCE certified and need to know what all of you are using or have used to become certified. I have an old HP Probook 4710s that I plan to install Scientific x64 to use for most if not all of the training/labs. I also have 2 older Dell GX260 desktops that I can use as well if need be.

I really like Linux and would love to add a cert underneath my belt as some day I want to administer/support an "almost all" Linux environment which I think would be awesome. This idea came about when I volunteered at an group home that had really old outdated equipment and absolutely no budget to replace/upgrade, so Linux was 1st thing that came to mind. Just lacked the know how at the time so nothing was implemented/proposed. NOTE: This was over 3 years ago.

The book/study material that I'm looking at right now to assist me is 978-0071801607 :
[h=1]RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Practice Exams with Virtual Machines (Exams EX200 & EX300) by Micheal Jang[/h]Does anyone have any experience/advice about this book and or any other great sources. My funds are limited and I am not able to buy a high end PC/server or any of the Microsoft study materials at this point in time.



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