Motherboard sockets for the A+

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When studying for the A+, what do you need to know about the socket types and the processors? Do I have to memorize for instance that the Intel LGA 775 is called the Socket T and all the processors that are compatible with it? Or Do I just need to know the basics of the socket like that it's Land Grid array and has 775 pins on the socket?


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    Mostly you need to remember if it is an intel or AMD and what processors are compatible. I don't think they ask for the other name of the CPU.
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    How much of the test is based on this? I have a horrible time with this stuff.
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    If you have not yet downloaded a copy of the objectives, please do so. The objectives will list out what 'might' appear on your exam. Also, the front page of the objectives (or at least it was near the front) will be a percentage of value per topic. Aside from what may appear on your exam? No one here will no, nor are they able to say what nor how much appeared on their exam lest they violate the NDA - so please do not ask.

    You as a technician should be familiar with the various sockets and types of processors on the market and those in the past (in the event someone were to bring in an old machine it would be wise to know how to repair it). The exams are geared toward candidate WITH about six months of experience. Many take the exams without experience, but those who have some have the benefit of having worked with a variety of parts over that time. YMMV
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