Where to take RHCSA in Europe?

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unfortunately I can't take RedHat exams in VUE centers around the world. I did notice they have some test locations in Europe, one of them being in Vienna, Austria which is the closest to where I live but I can't speak any German and their AT website has a broken "Enroll Now" link so I don't know how to take the exam.

I did try the UK website and when browsing for locations I choose Vienna and it returns a bunch of dates but I don't know if those are exam dates or training dates, because the title says: Course Dates and Online Registrations System. Take a look here:

Red Hat Europe

If you accept the TOS and continue it returns:
Course EX200 Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)
Country Wien
Date 17/01/14
Price €450
de.pngCourse will be held in German
en.pngCourse material is available in English

It costs €450 so it could be it, but there's no contact info so I can't ask them directly. I don't want to enroll and later find out I'm taking a class or something. RedHat is really not straightforward with this.


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    You might also be able to take it in Munich, I've been looking for more details about this cert myself, and whether or not to take the LPIC or the RHCSA. If you're looking to save some money, the LPIC 2 is 150 euros cheaper. Not sure what sort of work you're doing, but most job postings I've seen in EU are asking more for LPIC than for RHEL. Definitely let us know if you find something! :)
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    @linuxlover, where exactly are you located?
    I'm quite sure that you can find a test center nearby...
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    In Romania we have a center right in the center of Bucharest. It is easy to get there.
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    Bodanel is right, the test center in Bucharest is available to you as well... they also do RHCE
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    I'm in Maribor, Slovenia so no Munich or Bucharest for me. Vienna is the closest (2.5h drive), but I'll most probably take it after I relocate to London, which should be in February. So no biggie, thanks for trying to help though.

    EDIT: I'm targeting the UK market and I find it hard to believe employers prefer LPIC-1/2 over RHCSA.
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    LOL, you can take exams and/or training in Ljubljana ... Softergee or Housing, take your pick.
    (I took mine at Housing in Zagreb, but the company is actually from Slovenia).
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  • linuxloverlinuxlover Senior Junior Banned Posts: 228
  • linuxloverlinuxlover Senior Junior Banned Posts: 228
    I'm going to email them now to check.
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    Yea thinking about it Ljubljana should have a center for sure..... It seems big enough with the Uni and all! BTW Why are you aiming for the UK? I've heard there is too much competitiion for jobs over there.... But I have seen that most jobs ask for LPIC, only seen very few asking for RHCSA. But then again they're both linux, so you can't go wrong, I guess.... :D BTW Why don't you look for work in Vienna?
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    I'm moving to the UK because IT jobs are almost non-existent where I live and even if I got one I would have very small chances of promotion and education, because that's how things work here. The system is a left-over of former socialism. You get a job and you do it for the rest of your life until you retire, there's no switching positions, pay raises, promotion, transferring to other departments or areas, constant education... companies here haven't even heard of stuff like that, it's nowhere near the level the UK and US are at. I don't speak German so Vienna is not an option. The competition doesn't scare me, I'm a tough sonofabitch :) and I WILL get a job there because I have goals set in my life and I'm very determined to reach them and honestly there's nothing that can stop me on my way to the top.
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    I can confirm you can take exams with their partners, I don't understand why two separate lists at the website. Anyway, doesn't matter to me really, I'm going to take mine in London.
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    Hi Linuxlover, you can sit the RHCSA exam in London. See this link on how to book. You can register for the exam here.
    Red Hat Europe
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