Studying for CISSP any advice??

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Ok so I have been studying for 1 week 1/2 now and almost read through the entire book of shon harris 6th edition. I am also getting transcender and 11th hour also for studying material. I am taking the CISSP exam on dec 20 so almost 3 more weeks to go. Does anybody have any suggestions on any other studying material that may assist me in prepping for this exam?


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    Just passed my CISSP 2 weeks ago, I used the 11th hour and Shon Harris's all in one exam guide. I ended up setting aside about 4-8 hrs a day for reading for 3-4 weeks and went and took the test. My best advice to you is not to get bogged down on the overly technical details of your studies, and skip the exam simulations, because other than conditioning you for sitting in a room for 6 hours they are basically worthless. The test itself is incredibly long and vague, and what they say in the study guides are true, picking the MOST correct answer is key. I swear it seemed like some questions didn't have a wrong answer, just like the chapter quizzes at the end of the study guides. Hope this helps! Good luck!!!!
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    I'm sitting this on Friday! I can't wait the tension is KILLING me!!! I've pretty much prepped the same way that everyone on TE did. Good ole' Conrad and Harris, with some supplemental Videos and TONS of practice exams. I wish you the best of luck! icon_thumright.gif
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    ya thats what im doin guess im freaking out a little bit trying to get as much material that i can and get ready for the exam
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    Best advice I can give you is to go through the "Passed CISSP" threads here so you can see what has worked for others.
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    another thing i just realized is there is a 5 year requirement. Is this in order to take the exam or if you dont have this experience your not able to take it?
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    Anyone can take the test. If you pass but don't have the experience you will become an Associate of ISC2. You'll have six years to earn your experience to become a CISSP.

    See more here:

    Also, make sure you read the Candidate Information Bulletin.
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    Anyone can take this exam. You need the experience and an endorsement to become a full CISSP. If you don't have the experience you are allotted 6 years to get the 5 years of experience. A bachelors degree or other security based certs can take a year off the 5 year requirement. Passing the exam will give you an "Associate of ISC2" status until you get the required experience.
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    Hi Rich...all prepared for the d day ? id 20 dec, please share your exam result and exam experience.
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