Wondering about my RHCSA score...

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This is the first IT vendor certificate exam I ever take. I just got my RHCSA result and I got 250/300 (pass is 210) and I'm confused. I've studied by myself from Michael Jang's book and I don't know what degrees people typically get. Should I feel bad about it? Is it just good enough to pass?

Either way, I'm taking RHCE next.

Cheers folks.

Edit: by the way, somehow I have an odd feeling that I should have gotten more than 250. I'm confused.


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    The score doesn't matter, as long as you pass is all that matters.
    I got a 216, so I barely passed, but you know what? I'm also an RHCSA.
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    250 on RHCSA is a very good score. I scored a 216 RHCSA on April 8 (strange this number keeps coming up for a score), but could have sworn I was going to get around 260. Started studying for RHCE in June and took the test on Oct 25, I didn't think I would pass on that test but but felt good about my effort, got a 247. Following the books in self-studying, RHCSA has more of a specific path, RHCE is more "do I have the knowledge do all the tasks asked of me?"
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    I've read a bunch of other people saying similar things too. And one guy who got lower score at RHCSA but 300/300 in RHCE. Maybe there is something about RHCSA, or maybe because it's the first exam and by the RHCE people are more used to it so they preform better. I don't know. Thanks for the replies and keep up the good work!
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    I think there is no mystery. To get 300/300 at the RHCSA exam, you need to practice a lot.
    One of the main difficulties is the LDAP client configuration. It's not easy to be sure about the configuration when you don't have a LDAP server running.
    And when you add the Autofs stuff and the LDAP SSO, it's more than easy to miss something.
    Hopefully, there are now several websites to help you to set up such a LDAP server.
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