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Hi All! I have an interview for a Developer/Programmer position in 2 days. The position consists of working with .NET, SQL, and Sharepoint. I have no idea what to expect. I am terrified because there is a 30 minute written exercise prior to the interview. I don't have any working experience in the I.T. field. I only posess a Bachelors in Business with Information Technology Management concentration. I did take Visual Basic, and I also completed an internship where I assisted the DBA and we used the SDLC layout for a few projects. That was about 2 years ago. Can someone provide me with some advice as to what to expect? Especially with the written exercise; that's what I'm most terrified of.


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    You've had your interview by now but any company who wants a written test is going to want way more experience than what you have.

    If you want to see the kinds of things asked for in whiteboard interviews for a developer I would suggest picking up the book "Cracking the Coding Interview" it is and has been the best book on the kinds of things asked in interviews for a long time.
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