Can't decide - VCAP-CIA or VCAP-DCA (or both ?)

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Thanks to my company I was able to put my home lab here in the DC (14U of fun) so now I am all ready to pump out some more certs (plus test some upgrade / breakfix scenarios I need for work), but the big question is, which one.

We do use vCloud director in multiple international sites, so naturally you'd think, VCAP-CIA it is. But I am not doing this for my job, but for my personal progression so I try to figure out the best cause of action.

Does anyone here got both by any chance ? I got the blue prints, but, without breaking the NDA, it would be nice to know which the logical order is. Is one easier after the other, does it even matter, are they two complete different beasts, etc.

So anything to help me decide would be great :D
My own knowledge base made public: :p


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