Building a Lab for 70-412

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So I went through all the videos from CBT and I purchased the Training guide from O'Reilly (luckily 50% off on cyber monday) Im setting up a lab at home to start testing. I have a pretty power-full pc and is the one I used for 70-410/411 I have Hyper-V setup. Although on all the other certs I made 4 VMs from scratch on this one I wanted to crate a VHDX with an image of Win server 2012 and create 4 VMs that use a differential HDD so I didnt have to install the OS 4 times. But I ran into the problem that the SID of all seem the same. If I sysprep the parent VHDX and then run the differential hdd would that fix my problem? Is there a way for me to fix it now or should I have to get rid of everything and start again?


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    Bah I sysprep the parent hard drive and again I got the same error.
    The operation failed because:
    The security account manager (SAM) has determined that the security identifier (SID) for this computer is already in use in the forest you want to join. This can happen when restoring an Active Directory Domain Controller with an improper backup. Reinstall the operating system on the local AD DC to obtain a new SID.
    "The specified domain already exists."
    If anyone have a suggestion please let me know, I guess Im going to have to create 4 new VMS and not do differential hard drive.
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    I solved it creating 2 new VMs without using differential HDDs which I don't know why it wouldn't work.
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    Were you Syspreping a DC or just a server with no roles? What switches on Sysprep did you use?

    Edit: Oh, I see above that not using the differential fixed the issue?
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    I sysprep a server with no additional roles or features. Sysprep /oobe /generalize -reboot.
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    Zandokan wrote: »
    I sysprep a server with no additional roles or features. Sysprep /oobe /generalize -reboot.

    Check out Wim2VHD. It is a free utility on MS's technet that will convert a ISO/WIM file directly to a VHD that you can mount into Hyper-V. Because it is "pre-install" I use it on my laptop as a way to quickly spin up differential disks. Also, I end up using those VHD files for template deployments in my SCVMM lab as it makes it very quick to deploy new servers.

    *update* it's now called Convert-WindowsImage.ps1
    Script Convert-WindowsImage.ps1

    It also only works with install OS's.
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