Applied for School Technology Technician on 10/31

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I applied for "School Technology Technician" on 10/31, for a local school district. Here is what the original post for the job said:

School Technology Technician - xxxxx County Office of Education, Site: xxxxx Union Elementary School District. Reqs. grad. from high school or comparable basic competency; 1 yr. of post-secondary course work in computer science or comparable field; 1 yr. providing end-user support for current desktop and application software or 1 yr. installing, upgrading, troubleshooting or repairing personal computers in a network environment. Eligible for PERS retirement and Health & Welfare.

Unfortunately I cant remember the exact salary offered but I believe it is around 17-20/hr.

A little bit about myself: I have 10+ years of hardware/software exp, 26+yrs of customer service, 8+ yrs of exp with networking, setting up wireless networks, building custom pc's, virus removal, data recovery, data backup. Some independent contract work with some corporations, such as Chase bank, Starbucks, etc. I have pretty vast exp with most Windows OS, all the way from win 98 to Windows 7, I am working on learning Windows 8, which isn't that much different from Windows 7, it just has different ways to get to the familiar places like control panel, computer management, etc. The introduction of Metro, charms bar, search etc. I have my A+, Net+, and Sec+. certs. I am working on obtaining Windows 7/8 certs now, exams 70-680, 70-687, my goal is to get those in Jan, 2014.

I was called for an interview on 12/4. That interview went really well. They asked some pretty standard stuff, like "tell us a little about yourself" and "what are some of the biggest challenges you have faced" and they rattled off a bunch of common network services and had me tell them what they were, for example "what is DHCP, and what is it used for?, what is SMPT? what is POP3?" and "what is the OSI model? how many layers are there in the OSI model? can you name the layers of the OSI model?"

Needless to say, I nailed the interview. They told me I should hear from them in about a week. The very next day, they called me and asked me to attend a second interview, which is on Wed, Dec 11th. I think the fact they called back so quickly is a good sign.

Any advice for a second interview? I know I am going to have to find a different shirt and tie, lol. I would imagine they may offer me the position or negotiate a salary during the second interview. I guess that also depends on who else I am competing with for this position.
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    techwizard wrote: »
    I applied for "School Technology Technician" on 10/31, for a local school district. Here is what the original post for the job said:

    Its possible you will meet people in the area you will work, the boss, etc...or you could be going in for another technical interview....or you could be going in for HR type questions. Those are the big three I have seen when researching this.

    And yes, a quick call back and a 2nd interview is a good sign! Congrats!
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