Passed Sec+ last week

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Hi.. just passed the Sec+ with 836.. not the best score but I was kinda worried if I had actually achieved the pass mark at end..

Some of the multiple choice questions were tough, long worded and could have gone anyway, some I am sure were the ones thrown in that have no score, but the performance based questions were what I expected and I believe I would have gained most of my points there..

ACL for firewall, forensics and data volatility, ports and services, types of attacks and a couple more..

I just managed to finish this within the allocated time, unlike the Net+ I had 15 mins left and A+ a little less.. In fact I still had 2 or 3 questions left flagged to get back to, which never managed to..

Some of these multiple choice questions I found it easier to read the answers first then you get an idea of what the question may be about, read the question then eliminate as many answers as you can, re-read the question then be sure the answer is the actual one you want to go for..

It worked of me, maybe not recommendable but I thought I would let you know..

Thats my A+, Net+ and Sec+ done within 3 months.. I have an IT background, these certs look good on my website..

Darril Gibson's - Get Ahead, Get Certified is a must read..

I did loads and loads of previous exam questions too..

All the best to others.. Justin


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