Considering CCNP Security for 2014

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I've taken a break from any certifications for a while and recently started a new position that I believe I would benefit from having the CCNP Security.

A quick background:
I have dealt with VPNs at pretty much every place I've worked for the past 5 years and a lot of it has been with ASAs. How indepth does the CCNP Security path take you into the firewalls, VPNs? Is it all basics like "how to setup LDAP authentication for Remote Access VPN". Or does it go into detail on things like Dynamic Access Policies (DAP) and other things like service policies (which unfortunately, rarely gets changed from the default in my experience).

Basically what I"m trying to figure out is if the effort will be worth it. I have the CCNP and CCNA Security and lots of ASA/VPN experience. For those who have gone through the CCNP Security exams... will I gain much knowledge do you think after dealing with VPNs for a number of years in production?

I'm mostly just brainstorming here, any input is appreciated.
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