DBA certifications: where do I start?

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So this is a bit of a continuation of my previous thread (http://www.techexams.net/forums/jobs-degrees/95695-certifications-vs-degree.html). So I have been trained in research design and stats from a public health perspective, but there aren't any jobs in research (lack of funding) at the moment and I have been recently laid off.... Since I am in my late 20s with a Masters degree, I figure it is not too late to do a career change, From my previous thread, everyone seem to agree that I should just grab a few certifications to become a DBA, and not goto WGU to grab a BS IT or a Masters focusing in Database technology.

With this post in certifications section, I am trying to find out where do I start? I have the SAS.SPSS and a little bit of SQL programming experience. So I understand the concepts of tables, recoding..etc. But I don't know where to go from there. What DBA certifications should I be getting to get my foot in the door for an entry-level DBA job, particuarly a data analyst postion? And what order should I do them in?
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